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ULE Verifies Recycled and Bio-Based Content of Garland Modified Membrane

UL Environment Inc. (ULE), is among the first organizations whose services help building products qualify for the recently released Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Pilot Credit 43, Certified Products. LEED has become synonymous with Green Building over the last decade and is the name of the green building guidelines set forth by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). Garland’s successful completion of the UL Environment validation process has resulted in our modified membranes emerging as the first and only third-party evaluated products for both recycled and bio-based content in the roofing market today.

ULE evaluations independently validate individual products for their ability to earn points that contribute to meeting the LEED requirements. Garland has partnered with UL Environment to review our manufacturing processes and raw materials to ensure our products meet our recycled and bio-based content goals and published literature. UL Environment is a division of the longstanding Underwriters Laboratory Inc. (UL) and has emerged as the leading environmental claims accreditation body.

Additional efforts to develop a healthy partnership between Garland and UL Environment include:

  • Garland’s modified specifications now have a submittal requirement under section 1.5 for third-party validation for recycled and bio based content.
  • Garland’s has developed a LEED® Product Chart tool for building owners and architects that includes the verified amounts of recycled and bio based content of our products.
  • Garland’s Qualifying Product Data Sheets have received the UL Environment Validation Logo.
  • Environmental Claim Validation Certificates are available for download on the UL Environment website
  • USGBC to offer our customers additional

In addition to the validation of our products, UL Environment has partnered with the USGBC to offer our customers additional LEED® credits through the Innovation in Design Credit. This partnership allows our modified membranes to contribute to obtaining additional LEED® credits through this program.

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