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Moisture in your building? That’s scarier than a haunted house!

halloween 2016_moistureconcernsIn this season of black cats and spooky pumpkins, here’s something that really scares us: moisture intrusion and leaky roofs.

Whether you’re already dealing with leaks in your facility, or you’re looking for a preventative maintenance plan to prevent future leaks, our experienced project engineers have the answers.

For example, the top four methods to identify leak sources:

  1. Visual Inspections
  2. Moisture Scans
  3. Core Cuts
  4. Hygrothermal Analysis

For the best advice for identifying and addressing leaks and moisture problems, read the full article, Recognizing and Addressing Moisture Concerns:

“Often times, moisture intrusion can be a reoccurring problem that leaves maintenance crews continually tracking leaks and attempting to bandage suspected sources. As a result, solutions are often knee-jerk reactions to the moisture and are hastily conceived without much investigation or thought.

Fortunately, there are methods for recognizing moisture sources and for ensuring that moisture control is a proactive process as opposed to a reactive one.” (continue reading…)

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