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How Going Green Can Save Money

Going Green copyIt’s more common than ever for business owners to take a look at where they can cut costs to save money. Making adjustments in how you do business and the suppliers you use are some of the changes that can help save money, but there are other changes that can help, too.

Consider the building where you conduct business and the role it plays in protecting you from the weather, regulating the temperature and more. Arguably, the commercial roofing system found on your building is the most important element for protection, heat regulation and more. By choosing the right system during initial construction or when replacing your current one, your roof can do more than keep you dry, it can help you save money each month, too.

Simply put, the proper specification and installation from the insulation to the rooftop surface, can save money in the long run. Luckily, it’s easy to see the cost savings in black and white with an energy roof calculator. There are a variety of calculators available, including:

It’s important to note that when determining costs associated with a commercial roofing solution, the true total value of a roof should be considered. That is the initial cost of the entire system plus required maintenance, expected service life, energy cost savings, sustainability and any value added costs received.

Long-term performance is perhaps the biggest cost savings with a commercial roofing system. A roof that lasts 20 years longer than the average solution, of course, will save significant money over the lifecycle.

If your current roofing solution is not a well-insulated one, you could be losing money each month simply on heating and cooling your building. In regards to insulation, more and more building codes are requiring owners to add more insulation in an effort to increase buildings’ energy efficiency. It is recommended that you refer to your individual state’s “energy code” for the minimum R-value on roofs and walls. Your state’s energy code can easily be found at Reed Construction also offers similar information.

A green or sustainable roofing solution can also keep heat and cool air where it belongs, which may translate into reduced heating and cooling costs.

Cost savings, a properly engineered roofing system and more are all reasons it’s more important than ever to choose the right commercial roofing system. Do some research, use an energy roof calculator, make sure you’re calculating the true total value of your roof and you will be able to clearly see the cost savings and right choice for your building’s unique needs.

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