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Garland Introduces New Product Line to Address Changing Air Barrier Standards

The push for more energy-efficient buildings is a hot topic in the construction industry, so much so that numerous building codes now include air barrier requirements. To address the changing standards and meet industry demand, The Garland Company has developed and engineered the Aero-Block™ product line. This line of high-performance solutions prevents unwanted air, vapor and water from penetrating the building envelope.

The air barrier system helps minimized the potential for mold growth and corrosion within the wall assemblies while also protecting building occupants from pollutants, second-hand smoke, cooking odors, noise and pollen.

The Aero-Block™ product line includes solutions for all six sides of a building enclosure in addition to gaps in walls or between sections of walls. This new product line is a polymer-modified asphalt technology and is available as a:

  • fluid-applied solvent-based polymer
  • fluid-applied water-based polymer
  • pre-fabricated, self-adhering multi-layer membrane

The fluid-applied solvent- and water-based polymer can be applied by brush, spray or roller.

The entire product line meets the requirements for a Class I air/vapor barrier because it creates vapor-closed protection. All of the products meet the Garland standards of ensuring long-term performance for commercial roofing systems.

We’re hard at work on a companion vapor-open product line, Aero-Perm™, to become available later in 2014. The Aero-Perm product will offer the same capabilities as the Aero-Block™ solutions, but will include added permeability to water vapor.

Learn more about our entire product line and the services we offer at

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