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Difficult Roofing Details Demand Tuff Solutions

Garland introduces easy-to-install Tuff Flash waterproofing protection for sealing difficult and unique roof details fast and watertight.


Building owners and contractors are constantly trying to find more durable and applicator friendly products to address today’s building design issues. In response, Garland continues to push our processes to create products that allow the industry to build better roof systems with less time and effort.


With the development of Tuff-Flash waterproofing protection, Garland provides the ability to protect and seal difficult flashing details (like an I-Beam or an Angle Iron coming through the roof) that in the past would require a time-consuming standard pitch pocket. By formulating a product that capitalizes on the benefits of both asphalt and urethane chemistries, Garland has introduced a truly unique product that saves contractors time while providing superior waterproofing protection. Benefits of this new technology include:


  • Fast Curing Time – Tuff-Flash will cure within 10 to 15 days, depending on climate conditions, in comparison to original asphalt-based mastics that take a minimum of 30 days. Coats your jobs faster, and completes them sooner
  • Low Odor – This new product’s reduced odor makes it ideal for flashing installations in areas such as hospitals, schools, and offices, where minimal disruption of operations and occupants is essential. 
  • Additional Layers of Protection – Tuff-Flash provides multiple layers of polyurethane film, asphalt waterproofing, and polyester-reinforcement. This multilayered approach results in increased water protection and superior weathering capabilities.

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