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Choosing the Right Underlayment for Roof and Wall Systems

Choosing the right underlayment for your next commercial building project is essential to a successful outcome. A high-performance underlayment can help ensure your building envelope is both air and watertight. Luckily, Garland offers underlayment options to seal and protect the entire building envelope. This variety of high-performance underlayments provides an extra layer of dependable waterproofing protection underneath both roofing and wall systems.

What are the characteristics of Garland underlayments?

  1. High-Performance: Manufactured with unique chemistry and premium raw materials, Garland underlayments are a trustworthy and long-lasting solution.
  2. Superior Engineering: Expertly crafted asphalt adhesives are combined with high quality sheet materials to form balanced, reliable underlayments.
  3. Versatile: Depend on Garland underlayments for a variety of projects, including aggressive adhesion to a number of different substrates.
  4. Applicator Friendly: This line of self-adhering underlayments features easy-to-install products, making installation faster and decreasing the margin of error.

Which underlayment is right for your next job?
Choose the correct Garland underlayment based on the needs of your next project.

   Metal Roof: R-Mer Seal 

   Wall System: HydroShell SA

   Shingle, Tile or Slate Roof: HPR Aqua Shield 

Planning your next project?
Contact your local Garland representative to learn more about these products and the high-performance systems that they build.

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