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Moderated by Bill Pancoast. Through hard work, dedication and pure determination, Bill Pancoast has built a historic career with Garland over the last 25 years. He is knowledgeable in every aspect of the commercial roofing business, offering his clients the comfort of knowing they are receiving the highest quality products and services available. His experience includes evaluating existing roof conditions; budgeting for various options, including maintenance and restoration; providing technical support for the roof system designer and overseeing the installation of high-performance modified and standing seam roof systems as well as architectural and structural wall panels. Since joining the Company in 1988, Bill has completed millions of square feet of roof systems in the Eastern U.S., working with both private and public sector clients. As a sales representative and our Vice President of Sales, European Division, Bill continually distinguishes himself with innovative approaches to creating and sustaining customer relationships.

What makes a roofing product “green”?

Incorporating post-consumer recycled tires and recycled glass bottles in our modified bitumen systems are two ways that make our products more eco-friendly. One of the most overlooked eco-friendly characteristics is the longevity and sustainability of a product. All Garland systems are engineered and designed with the goal of reaching more than 30 years of service life. […]

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Finding Solar Reflectance Values of your Roofing System

If you have a Garland roofing system or Garland products, you may be interested in learning the SRI, thermal emittance and solar reflectance of them. Luckily, it’s easy to find these values. Simply visit the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) website, and view the “Rated Products Directory.” The CRRC provides accurate and credible information […]

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How Going Green Can Save Money

It’s more common than ever for business owners to take a look at where they can cut costs to save money. Making adjustments in how you do business and the suppliers you use are some of the changes that can help save money, but there are other changes that can help, too. Consider the building […]

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Benefits of Going Green for your Roofing System

The Environmental Protection Agency reports that buildings in the United States are accountable for 39 percent of total energy use, 68 percent of total electricity consumption and 38 percent of carbon dioxide emissions. With that kind of data, it’s no surprise that there is more and more interest in going green with construction and using […]

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Green Building in 2012: Who’s Driving?

This year is shaping up to be a monumental one in the development of both voluntary and mandatory green building standards. The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) is hard at work developing the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) 2012 program, and the International Code Council (ICC) has just released the 2012 International Green […]

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Rapidly Renewable Materials – The Green Decision

Need help sorting through all the chatter about rapidly renewable materials in roofing? It’s not so different from deciding between a real Christmas tree and an artificial one…try this analogy on for size. The widely accepted implementation of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) LEED® guidelines for the building construction industry has introduced a […]

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ULE Verifies Recycled and Bio-Based Content of Garland Modified Membrane

UL Environment Inc. (ULE), is among the first organizations whose services help building products qualify for the recently released Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Pilot Credit 43, Certified Products. LEED has become synonymous with Green Building over the last decade and is the name of the green building guidelines set forth by the […]

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