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Moderated by Brian Lambert. Brian Lambert is Garland’s director of products and systems. He holds roofing-related patents and has been active in industry initiatives promoting green roofing and other sustainable design solutions since 1996. He frequently promotes sustainable design as a guest lecturer to professional organizations in the U.S. and Canada.

Project Highlight: Restoring the Center of Campus Life at Indiana State University

Completed in 1909, Normal Hall is the second oldest surviving building on the Indiana State University campus in Terre Haute, Indiana – about one hour west of Indianapolis. Since then, Normal Hall has undergone multiple renovations, including an addition added in 1957. But by 2010, the grand neo-classical building was largely unoccupied and falling into […]

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Haunted by Chemicals, Bacteria and Grease on Your Roof

It’s time for Halloween, time for screams and scares. But if you prepare your roof properly, at least you won’t have to be scared of contaminants destroying your rooftop. For some buildings, the roof system protects against much more than just the natural environment. Many factories, restaurants and other specialized industries need additional protection against […]

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Urethane & The Evolution of Roofing Technology

This post originally appeared on the Buildings Buzz blog. Low-slope roofing technology is perpetually evolving, and architects, contractors, and roof system manufacturers are continually trying to differentiate and improve their products and services. From 1850 to 1950, virtually every low-slope roof was a built-up roof (BUR), an old but proven system with alternating layers of […]

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Approved Uses for Gypsum Classified Roof Cover Boards

One concern that often arises when determining the scope of work for a particular project is what cover boards are approved with Garland roof systems and in what applications can they be applied?  As shown in Table 1, there are three gypsum cover boards that are approved which include DensDeck Prime, DensDeck DuraGuard, and Securock […]

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A Case for High Performance

A Case for High Performance Selecting products and services can be a difficult proposition.  This couldn’t be truer than when selecting construction materials and practices and specifically selecting your new roof solution.  At current in the market place, there are tens if not hundreds of possible solutions.  From traditional long standing products, like built up […]

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Cold Weather Application Recommendations for the Installation of Modified Roofing Systems

Cold Weather Application Recommendations for the Installation of Modified Roofing Systems The application of all roofing systems during cold weather poses special concerns.  These concerns may include: Maintaining proper bitumen temperatures at the point of application Ability of adhesives to cure effectively Stiffening of materials. By following proper cold weather procedures and exercising the recommended […]

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Effects of Greases, Oil, and Chemicals on Low-Slope Roofing Materials

Did you know that greases, oil, and chemical effluents can be even harder on your roof than the weather?  Roofing systems are intended to provide protection from natural elements such as rain, snow, hail, sleet, etc.  Low-slope roofing systems that are properly designed, installed and maintained should provide the user with satisfactory protection from these […]

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The Value of High-Performance Dual-Fiberglass and Polyester-Reinforced Membranes

  Garland’s premium membranes are reinforced by a dual fiberglass and polyester scrim providing excellent tear and tensile strength while incorporating extended elongation characteristics providing a high-performance membrane for today’s building needs.  Garland has combined two traditional reinforcement technologies allowing our membranes to possess the superior strength of fiberglass while incorporating the elongation and fatigue […]

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