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Moderated by Tom Stuewe. Degreed in construction management from The Ohio State University, Tom has worked in construction for over ten years. In his current role as product manager for Garland, he provides technical support and assistance for the field team responsible for the proper application of coating and mastic products. Garland is a Cleveland-based manufacturer of high-performance solutions for the total building envelope.

Battling Snow and Ice Accumulation on Your Roof

Just when we thought spring was on its way and temperatures would be getting warmer, more snow and ice appeared near our corporate office. As the unrelenting winter weather continues to impact the entire country, it’s important to stay knowledgeable about potential building damage and roof collapse from snow drifts and ice. Every commercial roofing […]

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Polyurethane Rail Road Analogy

Have you ever wondered what we mean when we talk about the curing process of a polyurethane coating, or why it is an effective water barrier once cured?   Ever needed a better way of explaining what a polyurethane coating is without needing a chemistry book?  Here is a useful analogy that should help explain what […]

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