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Why Building Evaluation Services are Critical to your Roofing System Success

When it comes to making decisions about your commercial roofing system, it’s important to make them with cold hard facts and accurate information. After all, your roofing system is one of the most important elements to your building and making changes or replacing it is a large, expensive undertaking.

There’s no better way to determine you have the most accurate information about your roofing system than with building evaluation services. These types of services offer a clearer picture of your roofing system, from “seeing” beneath the roof membrane to reveal small leaks or other problems to obtaining aerial roof measurements. They can even include tools to indicate the life-cycle cost of a new roofing system.

Typical building evaluation services should include:

  • A visual inspection and survey
  • Subsequent analytical testing as needed, such as infrared moisture scan, core analysis or laboratory evaluation
  • Comprehensive written assessments

Why Should You Get a Building Evaluation?

Taking a critical look at your current roofing system can help you make informed decisions about what worked and what didn’t. It can help you make the right decisions for maintenance questions, which products to use in the future or even whether or not you should be replacing your current system. A building evaluation allows you to make those informed decisions quickly and easily.

When making decisions on what maintenance or repair to invest in or even whether or not the roof needs replaced, knowing where your current roofing system succeeded and where it failed has many benefits. That knowledge can allow you to choose the right maintenance solution or future system that will extend the roof’s working life and minimize workplace disruption related to maintenance and repair.

When Should You Get a Building Evaluation?

Determining when to obtain a building evaluation all depends on what you want to get out of it. Are you looking for yearly recommendations on repair and maintenance solutions? Try an annual building evaluation. Others may only obtain a building evaluation when there is a maintenance question or before they begin researching new roofing systems.

Have you seen the benefit in building evaluations? Share below.

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