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Roofing Product Management: Expansion Joint Location

Are you using expansion joints on your commercial roofing projects? They are most commonly required at locations where differential movement is predictable. Differential movement occurs where adjoining materials exhibit different rates of dimensional change in response to environmental or load changes, which results in excessive stress between the dissimilar materials. The more common locations where […]

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Fall Roof Maintenance Tips

The temperatures are cooling, the leaves are changing and everything pumpkin is all around us: it’s official, fall is here! And we all know what comes after fall – the snow and low, sometimes harsh, temperatures of winter. So what does this mean for your commercial roofing system? First, it means that fall is the […]

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Finding Solar Reflectance Values of your Roofing System

If you have a Garland roofing system or Garland products, you may be interested in learning the SRI, thermal emittance and solar reflectance of them. Luckily, it’s easy to find these values. Simply visit the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) website, and view the “Rated Products Directory.” The CRRC provides accurate and credible information […]

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Roofing Dos and Don’ts

Summertime is here, the weather has finally gotten warmer, and that makes it the perfect time to do some maintenance on your commercial roofing system. But before you pull out your ladder, hop on the roof and perform maintenance, make sure you take the time to ensure you’re not doing more harm than good. We’re […]

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Products You Need: Roof Coating

Did you know that your commercial roofing system goes beyond just the products? A complete, high-performance solution goes beyond the roof itself and includes the coatings you put on it. The right coating can help with energy usage, reduce environmental impact, improve chemical-resistance, moisture control and color retention. But how do you know if you need […]

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Garland Introduces New Product Line to Address Changing Air Barrier Standards

The push for more energy-efficient buildings is a hot topic in the construction industry, so much so that numerous building codes now include air barrier requirements. To address the changing standards and meet industry demand, The Garland Company has developed and engineered the Aero-Block™ product line. This line of high-performance solutions prevents unwanted air, vapor and […]

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Cover Board 101

When it comes to selecting the products for your commercial roofing system, it can easily become overwhelming. One product that should be included in every roofing system is a cover board, a relatively thin, semi-rigid board installed between the insulation and the roofing membrane. These products provide protection, separation and support for the roofing membrane, […]

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What are some facts you should know about hot applied coal tar?

What are some facts you should know about hot applied coal tar? These handling recommendations refer to roofing bitumen complying with the physical property requirements of the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) standard D 450 “Specification for Coal Tar Pitch Used in Roofing,Dampproofing, and Waterproofing” (Types I and III coal tar). The bitumen should […]

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