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Class 1 vs. Class A Roof Assemblies

Are you familiar with Class 1 and Class A commercial roof assemblies, what they mean and how they differ? Learn more about these important ratings below. Class A Rating Class A, B or C rating is a measurement of the external spread of flame on a roof surface. A number of fire test laboratories, including […]

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Hot Asphalt Tips

It’s summertime, which means you may be seeing more asphalt being applied to commercial roofing systems than any other time of the year, especially if you live in cold-weather climates. If you’ll be applying asphalt to a roof this summer, keep in mind that the coverage rate of hot asphalt as an interply adhesive is […]

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How Going Green Can Save Money

It’s more common than ever for business owners to take a look at where they can cut costs to save money. Making adjustments in how you do business and the suppliers you use are some of the changes that can help save money, but there are other changes that can help, too. Consider the building […]

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Jobsite Safety Tips

As the construction industry’s busy season begins, it’s important to stay focused on jobsite safety. It’s an important topic here at The Garland Company, because roofing, like any construction process, is filled with dangerous elements. Read below for some important jobsite safety tips, as recommended by OSHA. Hot Kettle Safety Tips The hot kettle and […]

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Products You Need: Fastener Pullouts

A high-performance commercial roofing system is complex, so knowing which products to use and which to pass on can be confusing for the average consumer. We’re here to help! Read on to learn more about fastener pullouts, and why they provide critical information on the proper design of your roofing system. Fastener pullout resistance is […]

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Benefits of a Rooftop Garden or Vegetative Roof

Did you know that The Garland Company was among the first roofing companies in North America to embrace green technologies? We introduced our first green roof system as early as 1991, a full decade before sustainable design was more universally accepted. We’re proud to be an early adopter, manufacturer and distributor of sustainable solutions, and we […]

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Benefits of Going Green for your Roofing System

The Environmental Protection Agency reports that buildings in the United States are accountable for 39 percent of total energy use, 68 percent of total electricity consumption and 38 percent of carbon dioxide emissions. With that kind of data, it’s no surprise that there is more and more interest in going green with construction and using […]

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PIMA Updates its QualityMark Program: What Does it Mean for You?

R-value, the measure of insulation’s resistance to heat flow, is a critical factor in choosing insulation, and helps architects, building owners and roofing contractors to accurately determine the insulation’s long-term thermal resistance (LTTR). In an effort to improve the performance of polyisocyanurate products, the Polyisocyanurate Insulation Manufacturers Association (PIMA) has recently updated the QualityMark-certified R-value […]

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Green Building in 2012: Who’s Driving?

This year is shaping up to be a monumental one in the development of both voluntary and mandatory green building standards. The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) is hard at work developing the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) 2012 program, and the International Code Council (ICC) has just released the 2012 International Green […]

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