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Garland Roofing Solutions: More than a Material Difference

The roof on your commercial building protects those inside from harsh weather, can help keep heated air where it belongs, protects the structure of your building and so much more. Your commercial roofing solution is worth more than just the price tag on the initial investment. That is why when weighing the options available for a new roof, it’s critical to consider the true total value of a roof: the initial cost plus required maintenance, expected service life, energy cost savings, sustainability and any value added costs received.

Without considering the total value of a roof and simply selecting the less expensive initial investment, the roof may end up costing more over time due to a shorter service life and required maintenance expenses. A less expensive product may not perform well over time, requiring expensive maintenance, upkeep or repairs and may need to be replaced faster than a high- performance, high-quality Garland roof.

In addition, it’s important to consider value-added services as a part of the total value of a roof. These are services provided to you at no extra charge and are included in the price of the materials. Some of the many value-added services Garland offers include:

• Working with the facility management team to identify existing waterproofing needs and future new construction requirements
• Conduct a detailed visual roof inspection whenever a corrective action is to be budgeted on any roof, with no travel expenses being charged
• Create AutoCAD blueprint, roof outline and detail construction/repair drawings to clearly identify the expectations for the roofing work
• Providing a 20-30 year no dollar limit warranty at no additional costs on qualifying roofs

The costs developed over the life cycle of the roof as well as value-added benefits are why it’s important to consider the true total value of a roof, also known as the total cost of ownership.

The initial investment into a Garland roof and the Garland roofing materials may cost more than the average roofing solution. However, our roofs are a higher quality product designed to last on average 10 years longer than lower priced options. The long-term value of a Garland roof can easily offset the initial cost.

Learn more about the true value of a roof and more Garland FAQs.


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