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Archive | November, 2014

Roofing Product Management: Expansion Joint Location

Are you using expansion joints on your commercial roofing projects? They are most commonly required at locations where differential movement is predictable. Differential movement occurs where adjoining materials exhibit different rates of dimensional change in response to environmental or load changes, which results in excessive stress between the dissimilar materials. The more common locations where […]

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Building Energy Codes by State

Are you aware of your state’s energy code? You should be, especially if you’re planning on installing a new commercial roofing system! These important codes establish minimum requirements for energy-efficient design and construction for new and renovated buildings. Code requirements vary state to state, but most of the basic requirements are adopted from the International […]

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Class 1 vs. Class A Roof Assemblies

Are you familiar with Class 1 and Class A commercial roof assemblies, what they mean and how they differ? Learn more about these important ratings below. Class A Rating Class A, B or C rating is a measurement of the external spread of flame on a roof surface. A number of fire test laboratories, including […]

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Fall Roof Maintenance Tips

The temperatures are cooling, the leaves are changing and everything pumpkin is all around us: it’s official, fall is here! And we all know what comes after fall – the snow and low, sometimes harsh, temperatures of winter. So what does this mean for your commercial roofing system? First, it means that fall is the […]

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